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How to Make Chicken Shawarma Dish at Home, Chicken Shawarma Recipe

Yields2 ServingsPrep Time5 minsCook Time10 minsTotal Time15 mins

I'm back again with another dish of Chicken. This dish name is Chicken Shawarma. For few people this name is new so, I'm giving you few information regarding to this. Actually Chicken Shawarma is an Arab dish that is prepared by grilling meat on a spit. Chicken Shawarma is prepared by stacking strips of marinated meat. Lets start cooking.

Ingredients for Making Chicken Shawarma
 200 g Chicken breast or thigh (boneless meat)
 1.50 sticks Garlic clove minced about 1 Large
 1.50 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil
 0.50 tsp Cumin or Jeera
 0.50 tsp Chilli powder or paprika
 1 tsp All Spices
 2 pinches Turmeric or Haldi
 2 pinches Cinnamon powder
 2 pinches Salt
 1 tsp Pepper
 2 tbsp Greek yogurt or hung curd (fresh)
 1 stick Onions quartered layers separated (optional)
 1 stick Tomato quartered deseeded (optional)
Method to Make Chicken Shawarma Dish at Home

First step is wash chicken under running water. After washing the chicken drain it completely,


After that cut to small bite size pieces and keep it aside.


Now mix all the ingredients for marinade. Add lemon juice (if you need).


Marinate chicken with the mix. After that cover and refrigerate for at least 12 to 24 hours.

How to Make Chicken Shawarma recipe

First of all heat a pan with half tbps olive oil on a high heat. When the pan is hot. Place the chicken and flip to cook on the sides evenly.


After that when the chicken is tender cooked, shred it on the pan with a wooden spoon. Cook further for 1 to 2 minutes. Set the aside and use the same pan to grill quartered layered onions and deseeded tomatoes.


Now serve Chicken Shawarma as a appetizer with yogurt sauce.


For making wrap or roll:
Spread sauce on the pita bread, place lettuce and then chicken, grilled onions, tomatoes and roll it up.

How to make shawarma at home

First wash chicken breast and thigh. Drain water completely and cut to small pieces. Set this aside.


Preparing the marinade add the ingredients to a mixing bowl.
1. 1.5 Garlic clove minced about 1 large
2. 1.5 tbps extra virgin olive oil
3. 0.5 tps cumin or jeera
4. 0.5 tps chilli powder or paprika
5. 1/4 tps all spices
6. Generous pinch of tumeric
7. 2 pinches of cinnamon powder
8. Salt according to your taste
9. 1/8 tps pepper
10. 2 tbps greek yogurt or hung curd (fresh)


Mix the ingredients very well.


Add lemon juice only if you want. In this dish I used about 1.5 tbps. Mix everything well and check the salt.


Now add drained meat. Do not add meat with water dripping. Mix well and marinate. The marinade must be thick and not runny.


Cover and refrigerate for at least 12 hours. But if you have time then keep it 24 hours to get more flavorful.


Now we will grill the meat:

Turn on the flame to the highest. Heat a non stick pan with half tbps oil. When the pan turns really hot, place the chicken pieces separately without crowing. Flip them all the sides for even cooking.

Note: Please note that in this article I grilled the 300 grams in 2 batches. Do not crowd the pan, chicken begins to release moisture if crowed.


Now when the marinade almost begins to caramelize then put the flame to medium high. Continue to cook until the marinade completely dries up and the chicken is completely cooked. Since the chicken is marinated well in yogurt, it cooks fast.


After that you will have to control the flame else it might char the meat and turn it hard. So I switch off the stove for a while. Quickly with a wooden spoon cut the chicken further. I cook further for 1 to 2 minutes to make sure chicken is cooked well. Set the chicken aside. Add quartered layers separated onions and quartered deseeded tomatoes to the pan and toss for few minutes on a high flame.


Chicken Shawarma is ready to serve as a appetizer or to make a wrap. It can be served with a variety of sauces like Toum. Yogurt garlic or Tahini sauce. I have shared the recipes of Yogurt garlic sauce and Tahini sauce below.

How to Make the Garlic Yogurt Sauce

You can use as dip or to spread on the wrap.
Add 1/4 cup greek yogurt or hung curd, 1 tbps minced garlic slat, 1 to 2 tbps olive oil and lemon juice (optional). Skip lemon if using sour yogurt. Mix everything well.

How to Make Tahini Sauce

Now I will tell you how to make Tahini sauce for that:
Add 3/4 cup tahini, 1/4 to 1/4 cup luke warm water, 2 large garlic cloves minced, 2 tbps, lemon juice, salt only if needed to a processor and process until it turns light and creamy. Add 2 tsp finely chopped fresh parsley to it. Tahini sauce is ready to use.

Carefully spread the sauce generously on a pita bread.


After that place lettuce, Chicken Shawarma, then grilled onions and tomatoes. You can also use any of your hot sauces.


Final step is just wrap and enjoy and don't forget to tell us how it taste.

Nutrition Facts

Servings 2

Amount Per Serving
Calories 200